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  • You’ve decided your PR campaign needs an SMT or EPK. In today’s PR environment, there's more pressure than ever to show results. Do VNRs, EPKS and SMTs really produce viable ROI and KPIs? WTF? This isn't a #TBT, get your head out of the last century.

  • Digital PR, it’s a fancy way of saying we find storylines that speak to your audience and then track the engagement. Just like you pitch a story to a print reporter and it becomes news, we do the same thing with digital video.

  • Your videos won't be perceived as exclusively advertising, marketing or promotion. They won't only show up in the paid content feed, they'll also be organically viral - the real thing.

  • Get in front of elusive journalists, thought leaders, potential customers and other key targets. Cotton Ball’s team can combine your lists with our own research as we work to identify your digital audience.

  • Videos are delivered to your target audience through a variety of platforms and channels, including social media, bloggers, email, website, paid search, etc. We penetrate exiting conversations and the videos are shared in these forums to magnify exposure in a short period of time.

6 Kickass Reasons

6 Kickass Reasons

Your content won't turn into spam or white noise

  • A True Partnership. We work together to agree on expected, measurable results. If Cotton Ball doesn’t achieve them, you do not pay in full – we share in the risk.

  • We target the right engagement method and media platform/ distribution channel to meet your goals.

  • Everything is customized just for you. No one size fits all approach

  • Utilization of the latest video technology for content creation, delivery platforms and tracking.

  • Our creative team of editors/ videographers/ animators/ producers have worked for everyone from NBC to MTV to NFL Films, interviewing the biggest names in sports, music & entertainment.

  • An experienced team of publicists – speaking with journalists, managing social media communities & pitching stories. The hands on expertise.

Top 10

Top 10 Things

Clients Get From Cotton Ball Media

  • Target Online Audience

  • Develop Messaging

  • Storyboard Video(s)

  • Produce Video(s)

  • Post Video(s)

  • Distribute Video(s)

  • Engage with Audience

  • Compile Statistics

  • Analyze Metrics

  • Custom Reporting

PR Package

The Cotton Ball Media PR Package

Package Price: $25,000

  • Online Audience Targeting
  • Creative Conceptualization/Messaging
  • Video Production - up to 10 Videos
  • Campaign Goals (focus metrics on what we are trying to achieve)
  • Mass media sites such as CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, ESPN & Fast Company
  • Keyword focused targeted video optimization
  • 5 LinkedIn company posts
  • 20 tweets scheduled over the life of campaign
  • Video Landing Page/Call to Action Development
  • Video Management, Distribution and Tracking
  • Analytics Report
  • 100,000+ impressions
  • 2,000+ site visits

We are completely flexible to customize the package to best reach your audience with your message. Please contact us, we would love to hear more about your specific goals.

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